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Terms and Conditions of Care 4 Leather

The advice given by ourselves is based upon the information supplied to us with regard to a specific problem on a particular leather article, as described by the customer.

The advice given is based on our extensive knowledge of leather which has been gained from many years of involvement with the leather manufacturing industry. The advice is free and impartial, but given without guarantee.

If any leather article is sent to Care 4 Leather for cleaning and restoring, we will restore to the best of our ability using the skills that we have. We cannot be held responsible if the final result is not to your liking.

If any products are purchased from CARE 4 LEATHER, you can be assured that you have bought from a selected range of products that are amongst the best that are available on the market today.

By using the products from CARE 4 LEATHER, you must be aware that you do so at your own risk. Please test the products on a hidden area of your leather article and then judge its effect. If the effect is to your satisfaction, you can proceed with using the products on the more visible areas of your leather article.

Please follow the instructions for use on the bottles or on the brochures supplied with the cleaning kits. The products supplied would have been for a specific problem and if you are in doubt, please contact CARE 4 LEATHER. You use the products at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for the application of products under circumstances which are beyond our control.

If there are Health and safety Guidelines associated with the products, please follow these for your own safety and the safety of others around you. Keep all products in their original containers and well out of reach of children.