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Problem Solver for the Cleaning, Repairing and Resoration of Aniline Leather

General Soiling
Heavy Soiling
Water Staining
Ball Point Ink
Body Oils, Grease and Stains
Tannins such as Coffee, Tea, Wine, Beer, Alcohol, Jelly
Proteins such as Milk Formula, Baby Food, Cheese, Eggs, etc.
Fat and Grease such as Oil, Lotions, Butter, Pizza, Dressings
Combination stains such as Wax, Carbon Paper, Make Up, Shoe Polish, Ketchup, Chocolate
Other stains such as Mustard, Sweat, Nail Varnish, Felt Pen
Dry Leather
Spew (Milky film)
Bubble Gum
Bad Odour

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