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Cleaning, Repairing and Restoring Leather Handbags

Radley and Next customer services recommend Care 4 Leather to their customers for the cleaning and restoration of leather Handbags and Leather Goods.
We now have a dedicated handbag section, Handbag Makeover

Before Cleaning and Restoring After Cleaning and Restoring
Before Cleaning, the bag had a few stains, the suede part was flat and discoloured and generally looked the worse for wear. After cleaning and restoring, the suede was vibrant and clean and the grain leather was recoloured to look like new.

You send the bag to us, using 'signed for, next day by 13.00' via the Post Office.
On receipt of the bag, we will work out the cost and contact you. If you think the price is fair, we clean and restore your handbag and take its photograph when its completed and e-mail this to you. Simply pay by credit card over the phone and the handbag is returned to you by the same method as you used.

Sometimes, we cannot run the restoration, either because the problems are too severe or structural. If this is the case, we return the bag to you without charge.

The cost of the restoration above was £30.00 + VAT and delivery.