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Cleaning, Repairing and Restoring Automotive Leather

There is not very much difference between Automotive leather and Furniture leather.

The major differences are;

The majority of automotive leathers are manufactured from protected leather.
Wear and tear on automotive leather tends to be more localised.
The drivers seat always shows more wear than any other seat.

Confirm your leather type and find the cure with the Problem Solver
If you are confident with the cure, check our 'products available' to buy the correct products securely.

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If your car is less than one year old and your leather is faulty, the stitching coming undone, the leather is cracking or the surface coating is starting to peel away from the leather, please consult your dealer to have the fault corrected.

If you have taken the time to ensure your car leathers and interiors look good then the last thing you want is for that care and attention to be wiped out by a car accident. This is why having suitable car insurance, is so important. Read our guide to find out more.