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How to Remove Water Stains from Aniline Leather

Aniline Leather will adsorb water if the surface is wet.

Because aniline leathers use dyes for the surface finishing and not pigments, when the moisture dries from the leather, the dyestuffs become "mobile" and sit more onto the surface of the leather, making the leather look darker.

To cure this, you have to "push" the dye's back into the leather and this is relatively easy to do.

Pinch the skin on the back of your hand and squeeze until it starts to hurt. This is the technique and pressure you require for you aniline leather water stain.

"Pinch" the leather where the water stain is and roll the leather in between your finger and thumb. You will notice the leather turn lighter straight away.

If you are left with a water ring, you may have to slightly dampen the leather along the ring, allow to dry and repeat the above.
All this does is move the dyestuff back into the leather making the leather the correct colour.

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